Renewable Energy

Benefits of Solar

As the world contends with a burgeoning demand for electricity, surging fuel costs, and greenhouse gas emissions’ concerns, renewable energy resources such as solar power are playing a more central role in the search for energy solutions. Koyu Industrial remains ready to serve in this field.

What solar cell can do for you

  1. Reduce your energy bill
  2. Add substantial resale value to your home
  3. Prevent the harmful environmental impacts, lower CO2 emissions
  4. Help the environment by living green and producing all your power needs
  5. Gain tax credit on Solar
  6. Promotes environmental awareness and protection

Simple Installation

Complete installation takes only about 2-4 days

Everything electronic in the home or business, will run as normal

Your extra energy will go back to grid, PV subsidy policy is good in every country

Our Product Line-up

Our broad, proud portfolio includes: silicon materials, cells, modules, panels, ground-mount systems, tracking systems and storage batteries.

Building on a robust technology platform, our solar solution can be customized to meet the challenging environments and stringent customer specifications.

Poly Silicon

Poli Silicon
Poli Silicon
Poli Silicon

Silicon Ingots

Silicon ingot is the most important and essential material in the electronics and renewable energy industry today. Koyu Industrial supplies both mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline silicon ingots. Koyu Industrial also assures the highest consistency and purity of polysilicon feedstock for the supply of our solar grade ingots. 

Solar Wafer

We supply high-purity solar-grade wafers for photovoltaics

Solar-grade wafers served by Koyu Industrial is a critical raw material for the photovoltaic industry. A leading supplier, we provide solar-cell manufacturers with ready-to-use products. From high-purity wafers, our customers manufacture multi and mono-crystalline cells for photovoltaic panels and arrays.

Solar panels built from our wafers are widely used in solar farms, solar plants, solar irrigation systems, and Mega-BIPV projects in America, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Spain, Middle Eastern countries and Southeastern Asia etc., because of their higher and more reliable cost-performance ratio than that of others, they work like a charm, and make a good amount of money.



Through state-of-the-art technology and outstanding technique, our cells offer best-in-the-class quality and promise long-term reliability. We only deal in high-end cells to ensure excellent performance at a competitive price. Its greater efficiency and lower cost per kWh means a better return on your solar investment.




We pledge our greatest endeavors to ensure our customers’ long-term success.

Constant and stringent quality control, continuous and meticulous industry inspection, certification by ETL, TUV, IEC, ISO, which culminates in modules that are sought-after products in the world. All modules are carefully checked and tested to prevent cell and electrical defects! We send flash tests to our customers verifying positive power output over name plate rating on all of our modules.


1)     Mono/multi cells in different size and grade

2)     Sought-after mono/multi panels in different power, color, dimension, weight, country of origin and price range, with all certifications, such as TUV, IEC, CE













Storage Batteries

We are a Premium-Quality distributor of storage batteries. Quality Products power the safest and most efficient cars and trucks both at home and around the globe. 

Best materials, best quality control and best builders. It’s how Koyu Industrial provides high performance batteries for transport vehicles and other industrial equipment. Go through our product display, find the one you appreciate and tell us immediately

Solar Charge Controllers

High efficiency charging at lower cost

Wide use for 12/24 V battery systems

Up to 30 amps maximum solar current and automatically reduce the output beyond 30 amps 

Optional temperature compensation if temperature sensor is used

Small size, light weight and easy to carry

Easy programming

Solar LED Lamp

At the request of our European and Middle eastern customers, we are going to increase and broaden the supply of our Solar LED lamps, and we are hopeful, our endeavors and assistance may help them better cope with their bills and environmental issues.


Solar modules 200W * 2 pcs
Battery Maintenance Free Battery DIN
Sources of light LED/60W (12meters from the ground)
Height of Tower Comply with customer’s requirements
Distance of installation 25 to 35 meters
Controller Light control; Time control.
Smart Energy Saved System
CPU Controller
Before midnight: 100% output power;
After midnight: reducing output power until next morning.
Continuous bad weathers/battery low: reducing output power automatically to ensure effectiveness




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