Privacy Policy

We (called us as follows) runs this website. The information about the visitor tries to protect it severely, and to manage it according to a way of thinking of the personal information protection.

About collection of personal information

When a visitor does an application and an inquiry, we may ask for an offer of the personal information from the visitor in the form of input forms and collect the personal information after having had the agreement of the visitor.

About the use of the personal information

We use it only when the information that had a visitor provide it send a product or I perform necessary communication for inquiries.

In addition, the news from us may arrive by an E-mail, other methods about information considered to be interested, but stops delivery of the information in afterward about such a news if there is the proposal from a visitor.

About protection of the personal information

There cannot be the thing that we contribute it to the third party unless the personal information that our store collected from a visitor about the offer to a third party of the personal information of the visitor corresponds to either following.

When I get the prior agreement, consent of the visitor.

When the settlement or the delivery of the product are necessary for the orders for product. We limit it to the company reliable enough in protection management administration of the personal information and, about these trust, carry out management, administration appropriately.

When an offer is necessary by other laws and ordinances.


About the ensuring safety of the personal information of the visitor in other websites that are not our store administration linked to, our store cannot take responsibility.

We have you confirm a handling standard about the personal information protection in the website except our store in you and when there are not handling standards, it is confirmed directly by a charge post, the person in charge of the website concerned and does it and recommends security of the personal information of oneself to be confirmed.


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