Yuji Nakazawa

Yuji Nakazawa

President, Koyu Industrial

Yuji Nakazawa founded and leads Koyu Industrial. Koyu Industrial, which has the broadest renewable energy portfolio in the industry, includes PV materials, cells, panels, storage batteries, catalysts and other related products. Yuji Nakazawa possesses a shrewd businessman’s intuition and works on significant decisions about the strategy and future of the company.  

Yuji Nakazawa created sales turnover of around Yen 600million (2015/16). 

Yuji Nakazawa is a 20-year veteran who has worked and advanced through a series of increasingly responsible assignments in quality, manufacturing/selling and sourcing in silicon business.

Prior to this, he was with solar-panel installation firm; firstly as salesperson, then department leader, additionally he has great expertise in silicon technology. 

Born in 1973, Yuji Nakazawa is a former student of Shibaura Institute of Technology and an engineer from Shin-Etsu Chemical.


Address: 84, Kandasakumagashi, chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0026 Japan